Consumer Protection

Companies are cheating people every day, in every town in Kansas.  Some examples include:

  • Your bank opened an account you did not approve, charged you fees, and refuses to give your money back. 
  • You were lied to when buying a car or house.
  • You paid a company to negotiate your debts (debt settlement) but they did nothing but take your money and set you up for failure.  
  • Your mortgage company promised you a modification, but it never came. 
  • A realtor sold you a house to which you later found out had title problems, foundation problems, roof problems or other problems the realtor and homeowner knew about before selling you the home.  
  • A company shingles your roof, but the rain comes in. A foundation company takes your hard-earned money, but you still notice your house settling and the walls cracking. The company refuses to take responsibility.
  • You receive a solicitation in the mail that looks like a bill.  You paid, only to find out later that it was a scam.  

Companies cheat every day.  They try to convince you that it is your fault.  Contact Vokins Law Office, LLC and get a lawyer on your side.  

Johnson County Consumer Rights Attorney

The stories go on and on.  Some businesses don't care if they are scamming you.  They count on the fact you will not fight back, because most people don't.  If you do fight back, Vokins Law Office, LLC, wants to be part of the battle.  Attorney Tai J. Vokins is dedicated to a type of consumer justice that levels the playing field for consumers and businesses.  He has participated in scores of consumer protection cases dating back to his time as Kansas Assistant Attorney General and since then as a private consumer protection lawyer. 

Olathe consumer protection attorney Tai Vokins has obtained financial payment for his clients totaling millions of dollars. He has successfully sued against debt consolidation scams and recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for people in Olathe, Overland Park, Lawrence, Lenexa, Leawood, Kansas City and beyond.  He has instigated sweeping legal action against mortgage fraud for regular consumers. He has put unethical businesses out of business.  Call (913) 254-7600 or contact Attorney Tai J. Vokins on this website for a consultation.