Mortgage and Real Estate Fraud

It all started when...

A working family bought a house.  They were given a clean title insurance policy, and the seller claimed the house was his to sell.  Later, the family was served with a foreclosure lawsuit.  The family was shocked.  They had never missed a mortgage payment.  It turns out a bank in Kansas City that  this family had nothing to do with concealed a debt on the property when it was sold years ago to someone this family had never met.   When the bank tried to cover up the error, a fraud suit was necessary.  

Don't let this happen to you. 

Vokins Law Office, LLC, provides representation to real estate fraud victims in Lawrence, Kansas City, Olathe, Overland Park, Lenexa, Leawood, and all throughout the Johnson County, Douglas County, and Wyandotte County area. Attorney Tai J. Vokins has considerable experience with real estate fraud cases and takes an aggressive approach to them. As a consumer protection lawyer, he fights hard to protect the rights of clients in fraudulent real estate deals.

Protect Yourself And Your Home

There are numerous types of mortgage and real estate fraud, including:

Home Building | Home Purchase Fraud:

You just built a new house. The contractor finished the build on time, and you move in, and start to enjoy the American dream.  After the first heavy rain, you find out the roof leaks like a sieve.  The contractor refuses to take responsibility.  Its time to talk to a lawyer.  Tai J. Vokins has handled dozens of cases like yours.  Kansas law requires that you follow certain formalities prior to taking action so make sure you contact a lawyer as soon as possible. 

Loan Modification Fraud:

Mortgage companies often engage in serial and unreasonable delays and denials in processing loan modification applications and make false promises all of the time.  Lenders repeatedly claim they are losing your modification documents, they claim your fax was not received, or claim that your package was missing documents when these claims are false.  Don’t let your lender take advantage of you; contact us today at (913) 254-7600. Tai J. Vokins at Vokins Law Office, LLC has sued mortgage companies for their bad acts, holding lenders accountable when they mislead you when it comes to your loan modification.  

Foreclosure Fraud:

Do you think a foreclosure case was filed against you in error?  This happens more than you think.  Sometimes a mortgage company files foreclosure too soon.  Sometimes it files foreclosure when you should have received a modification.  Sometimes the mortgage company files a foreclosure before complying with state or federal laws.  Did you apply for a modification and while you were waiting, the mortgage company foreclosed anyway?  This is dual tracking - a foreclosing while simultaneously pushing forward with a modification - which is against the law.  Contact us today at (913) 254-7600 to discuss your options. 

Predatory Mortgage Lending:

Predatory mortgage lending happens during the origination of the loan. Predatory lending cases are those with illegally high interest rates, negative amortization repayment (when scheduled payments do not lower the principal balance and instead, increase it), mortgages and reverse mortgages pushed onto elderly or foreign speakers who do not understand the terms of the loan.  Tai J. Vokins can identify predatory lending cases and help to determine whether you are entitled to damages as the victim of a predatory loan.  This type of mortgage fraud can include truth-in-lending violations, incorrect disclosure forms, or incorrect calculations on disclosure forms.  

Foreclosure Rescue Scams:

For-profit foreclosure rescue companies may also commit fraud. Many of these companies offer services at high prices, but do little or no work for the homeowner.  If you live in Kansas, and an out of state company takes your money claiming it is your attorney in a foreclosure, or claiming it is going to help you get a modification, this is probably a scam. Talk to a lawyer today.  Tai J. Vokins has successfully sued dozens of foreclosure rescue scams.  

For a consultation with a lawyer, please call us in Olathe at (913) 254-7600 or contact the firm online.